The Young Chancellor

Over the past week, I’ve been putting together a video promotion for a new HBO WebTV series!

Okay…not quite. The promo is part of a project in my Media Communication class, in which groups write and pitch a television series to a web streaming platform. Our group chose to spoof the HBO original series, The Young Pope, by implementing a student chancellor at the University of Missouri.

The Young Chancellor transports viewers to a campus fracturing with unrest. As the University of Missouri system looks to fill the vacant chancellor’s seat with someone who can unite students, interim faculty membersĀ pass punishing resolutions in an attempt to quell student dissent. The student body offers their own candidate for the role, the former Student Body President, Eliza Jones. Well liked among many, Jones is known for speaking her mind and initiating change on campus. Not everyone is eager to welcome Jones to the post. University Provost Lawrence Arsen has been vying for the position of chancellor for years, and will do anything to stop the young chancellor from ever reaching appointment.

Watch the video I made for the project below, and let me know what you thinkĀ in the comments section on YouTube!


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